Ancient curiosity

Since ancient times, friend and foes shared the same curiosity. Curiosity about gear, material, equipment. World War 2 was the same. Here we see curiosity about soviet vehicles, knocked out not long ago.

Here we have a group of elements of LSSAH, checking destroyed equipment in the early summer of 1943. This unit was positioned near Belgorod, in preparations for upcoming Zitadelle offensive.

Vehicles spotted in a drive around moment. Uncommon silhouettes show up.
Three vehicles are spotted. They seem abandoned. The decide to go check them out.
The uncommon silhouette is a rather new vehicle. A Churchill tank, english production, sent to Russia with the Lend-lease pact. Became more numerous in 1943. There’s also a T34 and a T70 light tank. Still a rather common vehicle for the summer of 1943 and kept in soviet TO&E until 1944.
In the Churchill we can clearly see several penetration holes on the hull side and turret, low calibre penetrations on the turret and what seems to be a HE blast on the turret.
The soldier moves on to the next vehicle.