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Established recently, Frontiers was born out of a life-long fascination with military history, specially for World War 2. Coming to read dozens of new books every year, we found that in many of them, maps were generic, simplistic and down right useless in some cases. Content was lacking, and we the readers felt sometimes disappointed or cheat for paying a lot for books that lacked basic content. From here, the idea was born, and this passion grew and transformed into Frontiers. 

Our goal

Through new books, we want to provide the reader with the tools and informative schematics (maps, info-graphics, diagrams, charts, etc) that fulfils the goal of the new book and enables the enjoyment by reader, that many books deserve. 

Authors & publishers

There’s really new good content being produced, coming from a myriad of new sources and new research material not previously available. This military history industry is real and is growing. For these publishers and authors, we want to provide you new opportunities to add real value to your future works, by providing content that’s truly deserving and eye-catching but also cost effective.

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For the readers out there, we also want to provide new content for already published books by regularly adding to our store, at a symbolic cost, new or better maps with an understanding of the subject, complementing already excellent books we cherish. 

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