Stalingrad, September 1942. Barrikady factory prior to the brutal battles for it possession. View More
Leningrad, winter of 1941. Kolpino, bastion of the southeastern frontline, south of Neva river.

What we do

For Authors

We work closely with authors to produce cover designs, maps and illustrations for a wide range of digital and print publications. We also make photo corrections, touch ups and any image treatment.

For Publishers

We design book covers and content for publishers worldwide. Single books to a complete series, inside and out – just let us know what you need.

Museums and institutions

Our work for military museums includes leaflet design, signage, display panels, site maps, digital banners and advertising.

Battlefield tours and guides

Brochures, leaflets, advertising, tour maps and guides and more – we offer complete creative support for battlefield tour operators

What we offer for the publishing industry

  • Illustration battlefield maps for books, display and tour guides
  • Display graphics, diagrams and any sort of schematics
  • Book cover design and page layouts
  • Image treatment and processing

We provide meaningful content for your projects.

Map illustration

At Frontiers, we focus on providing content rich and useful maps, ranging from battalion or regimental action sets to more regional or strategical covering maps. Our maps range from the use off the shelf use of existing historic maps to portrait  your content, accurate and effectively. 

Keeping the readers in mind, we aim in producing maps suitable for use in any sort of publishing, leaflets, tour guides, or exhibition boards or posters. We accomplish this by using historical material or producing new ones from scratch. It all depends on what graphical style you want to use, you choose we deliver.

Book layout and cover

Judging a book by its cover really matters in these days. It’s a generous age for history authors, specially for military authors. One way of impacting future readers is by the cover. It is the starting point to stand out in the crowd. We  at Frontiers style the book cover based on your content, not too austere not too filled, giving you the right cover for the right content.

Having an eye catching cover is the beginning. We also offer design services in page layout and content design. After all, having an impressive cover, must be in line with an impressive content. We tailor the layout, the content design, the infographics, maps and photos you wish to use. Serving all the process from manuscript to print. 

Photo treatment

We also provide any photo treatment necessary for the layout process or adjusting the print settings of images. Photo corrections and any other image processing regarding touch up or clean up.

We use advanced AI software for enhancing images beyond what is considered normal sharpening or noise removing.

Infographics & diagrams

Infographics are a clever way of presenting your relevant content with a graphic visual representation. Depending on your content we at Frontiers tailor all the infographics and diagrams you wish to use.

We can also advice you on where, when and how you should use infographics to further enhance your content and give added value for readers.