A what if book cover for a special book. Christopher Lawrence’s “Kursk: The Battle of Prokhorovka”, published in 2016. A 1700 pages in-dept analysis of the biggest armour clash of World War 2. It analysis the southern salient events in unprecedented detail. A definitive account by all means.

“The Battle of Prokhorovka is the first definitive account of the largest tank battle in history. This book is unique in that it draws upon in-depth research in both the German and Russian archival records. This was research that was begun in the 1990s, after the Soviet Union had fallen, when The Dupuy Institute was able to gain access to the Russian military archives. The book is built from the actual unit records from both sides, as opposed to the sometimes distorted narratives and legends that have grown up over the battle. It then compares and contrasts those records with the stories and interviews collected from veterans. It is an attempt to cover the entire range of fighting, from the strategic decisions, the operational art, to the tactics and the personal stories. It is a detailed description of the battle, a quantitative analysis of the battle and personal description of the battle as seen through the eyes of the participants. Over hundred German and Russian participants on both sides were interviewed exclusively for this book. It is a unique body of research that will not be replicated.”

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