At Frontiers map making will form the core of our services. We aim at delivering eye catching maps at reasonable cost. Either using true map illustration or map overlays we wish to make available to all the authors or publishers the means to reach to new maps with ease and effortlessly. Your project deserves it, your readers deserve it.

For that we have thousands of period historic maps to choose from. Either to make new vector maps, or making overlays to original maps, we use original maps that cover All of western, central and eastern Europe, North Africa and western Russia up to Moscow and Stalingrad (Volgograd). These maps will gives the assurance that we are portraying landmarks, forests, rivers, roads and any other topographical element as they were present during 1939-1945 period.

You have a wide range of scales to choose from:

  • 25.000 City plans
  • 50.000
  • 100.000
  • 200.000
  • 300.000
  • 500.000
  • We have it all